Welcome to my new website. Unlike my the one I ran from the mid 1990s through to 2009, HH2 is more about promoting my business and not daily updates of local happenings in the world of drag racing and beyond.


 With the advent of social media, finding out what's going on, getting results, photos and videos has made that kind of site redundant. There is simply no way a one-person gig like what I run could ever hope to accomplish the feat of keeping you all up-to-date anywhere near as timely as social media.


With that said I hope you enjoy what I'll be posting here and support what has become my full-time job. People are forever asking me for copies of old photos, and finally I'm in a position to deal with most of the requests in a way that actually works. Digital images are available to those who either own the rides or are relatives seeking things like Christmas or Birthday gifts. I simply will not sell to somebody who may do whatever they want to an image of somebody else.


It's different for some of my imagery however. As for my thousands of old photos taken in the days of film at major events from California to Canada, I have come up with a plan to offer one-off enlargements. You may purchase an 11x14 print that comes with a certificate of authenticity that you have the only one in existence. This I believe is very unique among old time race photographers who often sell as many of every image as they can. I have no problem with them, I just wanted to do something different.


In addition to photos, I still have a few copies of my limited-edition coffee table photo books available. I hope to do a few more in the future, but have no plans as to exactly what and when. You'll just have to come back here often to learn about those.


At the time of this posting, the site is just starting so a couple of pages will be updated once I am able to get them ready.


I have a massive collection of memorabilia in the forms of apparel, posters, magazines, press kits, stickers, patches, and some amazing one-off and limited edition pieces I will be offering for sale soon.


Finally, I want to eventually get into shirts, hats, hoodies and more branded with the HH logo which again, will come once I get to it all.


I will remain as active as I can posting stuff on Facebook, so please follow me there as well. I do not do Twitter or Instagram and have no plans to.


Should you want to contact me E-mail Larry  at hh2larry@gmail.com


So there you have it friends, HH is back in an all new and unique platform. I sincerely thank you for your support, please subscribe and like the main component of my business, the YouTube channel, and get ready for a fun ride, with no political BS, just fun, positive times from the drags.


- Larry Pfister


Feb 19, 2019:
 I am working on an email glitch and to make the mobile version fit small screens. -LP

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