Ive sent out email requests to those who have ordered books and would like to have their ride in it. I may have missed a couple so if you could please send me a photo or two of your vehicle to make it easier to find among my 15,000 images, it would really help. Thank you!  Larry



The proof book is in my hands, has been reviewed by Al Clark and co-photographer Paul Bonner, and after a couple more days of tweeks will be FINISHED!


I'm sending out emails and making a few phone calls today to all those who have pre-ordered with payment info, which I am now accepting via etransfer, PayPal or mailed in. If you have not ordered and want one please contact me at my email and I will get you the complete info package.


Approx. 70 have been ordered and I will decide in about a week if I will publish the original 100 or just what has been sold. Either way it will be a rare souvenir of this amazing event that serious collectors will cherish and show off for a very long time.


Thank you again for your support and patience, this has been a huge project that I sincerely hope does justice to this amazing event.




I'm happy to announce the proof copy of my Deuce Days book was submitted today.


The next step will be to get the book in about a week and go through it with a few people before it's finalized and ready to go to print.


I am taking a day off before contacting all those who pre-ordered with payment information.  A rough time table for you to receive your books is about a month or less. It took me longer than planned, but the final product is pretty cool with 701 photos on 100 pages and two covers.


Thank you all for your patience and support, at this time almost 70 have been ordered, so I will make the difficult decision to do just that many or the intended 100. I simply cannot afford to have 25 or 30 books sitting here, and I cannot get a good price ordering just that many later, so please tell your friends who may want one.


That's it for now, I won't post any book photos as it is intended to be a special surprise. Once it's out there fine, but not just yet folks. Not just yet.





Am up to page 76 of 100. Going well, but slower than I had hoped. I will be contacting everyone this week by email or phone regarding payments as well as some who I have not been able to contact to identify your car. This has proven to be the biggest slow down - finding a pic of your car. If you have not already heard from me and chance by to read this PLEASE email me a couple of pics of your car, where you were parked Sunday and if you did the poker run. At this time I am hoping to have the books to you late September. If you have any questions etc, please email me at and thank you again for your support and patience.



AUGUST 7 Northwest Deuce Days 2019 BOOK UPDATE

Work is progressing well, The roughly 15,000 total images have been whittled down to a measly 1400 lol, but this is the process and so far so good. I have started assembly and am currently up to page 17 of 100.


The most time-consuming part of all this is locating images of those who have said they will purchase "if they are in it". There's still a half dozen or so I can't find, but hope to have all included eventually. Should you be in this position please let me know when ordering.


As for payment, I'm almost ready to start and will be in touch with everyone individually as well as a post here on how and when.


Thank you all for your fabulous support in this massive project, if you have any questions please e-mail me at and I will respond asap.


Complete book info is here:



UPDATE JULY 26, 2019
Hi Everybody, hope you enjoyed the lil show! At this time 60 books have been pre-ordered so if you want one of the 100 please email me at the link below.


 I'm currently still sorting thru 15,000 (ya that's right, not 1500 lol) images. I'm still taking names and will contact you regarding payment in a few weeks. My goal is to have the books done and in my hands by Labor Day. Shipping is included in the price which is $250 Canadian.


 If you have any questions please email me anytime. If you want a book IF YOU ARE IN IT, and have not already contacted me, I will need as much info as possible to identify your ride outta all these pics so email me a photo, full description (color, plate number, where you were parked Sunday etc...) along with your order and I'll do my very very best to include you.


I'm also interested in your travel photos to include in the book so if you have something cool, please send me a high a resolution copy as possible and I'll have a look.


I'm looking into selling individual photos and/or posters, but need to give all my time to the book first, so please hold off on wanting a photo for a couple months.


Thank you again for your support, it's been huge! The book is going to be amazing and remember, once the 100 are gone that's it, I won't print anymore. These are designed to be very special limited edition pieces that not everybody has.


Hope to hear from you!

Larry Pfister

E-mail Larry  at to pre-order or get more information

E-mail Larry  at to pre-order or get more information