In 1975 Larry Pfister took a photo that

would not only start a career but become an

iconic image of Northwest Drag Racing. The

shot of Twig Zeigler’s Funny Car in mid-air

won Car Craft Magazine’s photo contest,

became a big selling poster, and got him his

first photo pass.


Thus would begin a motorsport

photographic career that spanned some four

decades. Describing himself as a ‘professional spectator’ Pfister was proud to note that every single press pass he obtained resulted in something published somewhere.


His photographs appeared in numerous

publications such as Super Stock & Drag

Illustrated, Rod Action, Open Wheel, Drag

Racer, Mustangs & Fast Fords, Auto Sound

& Security, Sport & Compact Car, Turbo, On

Track, Canadian Biker, and even a stint with

a weekly column in the Now newspapers.


Through the 1980s he held down

positions with both the Westwood

Motorcycle Racing Association and the

Fraser Valley Drag Boat Association as

media rep producing newsletters and

organizing press conferences, as well as

providing plenty of photography. He would

also be the last official photographer of

Langley Speedway.


In 1984 a photo of Victoria racer Keith

Hagadorn flipping his F1 boat on the Fraser

River at Mission captured him The Canadian

Press Sports Photo of the year. This was

particularly rewarding as it came in an

Olympic year.


This was also a period he shot and

produced articles for an Alberta magazine

called Northern Wheels, local publication

Automotive Profile as well as Motorsport

West Magazine, where he would eventually

become the editor and layout artist.

In the late 80s, Pfister got involved in a

Burnaby Cable 4 program called Motorsport

People. Covering all kinds of events on both

sides of the border, a personal favorite

became a video called ‘Two Wheel

Challenge’ featuring Suzuki Superbike

factory rider Tom Walther of Surrey. Just as

the production came to a close Walther was

tragically killed racing in Japan. The video

went on to be a major fund raiser for track

safety across Canada, sold by Walther’s



In the early 90s Pfister all but put the

still cameras down to concentrate on video.

At around the same time something called

the World Wide Web popped up, and the two

venues came together. A website/video

production company called Horsepower

Heaven was born.


The website was the world’s first to

post live updates, same day photos and same

day video from a drag race. It went on to

become THE go-to place on the west coast and

was featured on the television program

NHRA Today hosted by Steve Evans. In

2006 he was voted NHRA Division Six

Person of the Year.


His videos were fully produced with

Pfister doing his own shooting, editing, voice

overs, jacket design and marketing. Selling

around the world, they were reviewed

favorably in Car Craft and Hemmings



In the early part of the new millennium

he produced posters, flyers and programs for

Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Evergreen

Speedway, Mission, Ashcroft and Prince

George. He also provided video and

produced television ads for LVMS, Mission

and Pacific Raceways in Seattle.


Pfister retired from all aspects of racing

in 2009 and has recently started to produce a

line of limited edition coffee table photo

books that have proven to be immediate hits.

He hopes to do many more such books

but not before he dives into his over 2000 hours of

video tape on his new Youtube Channel HORSEPOWER heaven 2.


Most of the above take from the website of the Greater Vancouver Motorsports Pioneer Society page HERE.

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